Valves, Tubes and Thermoplastic Fittings

valvulas tubos conexoes
We have a complete line of valves, tubes and thermoplastic fittings in PVC, CPVC, HDPE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE (Halar), etc. Our Valves, including ball, butterfly, diaphragm, globe, gate, check, pressure regulator, relief, and counter pressure are all available in addition, we have a line of gaskets and seals encapsulated with either PTFE or PVDF. In addition, we have electric and pneumatic actuators which may even contain a positioner (modulator) for flow regulation.

The tubes and connections can be SDR 7 (PN 16 to 230 PSI) or SDR 11 (PN 10 to 150 PSI), with double containment including leak detection sensor, thermo fusion or electro fusion equipment, in addition to totally thermoplastic heat exchangers.

Our partners include asahi who has factories in the united states and japan. with more than 50 years on the market, they are a pioneer and reference in the thermoplastics market . They excel in providing solutions for the most challenging applications of fluid conduction. We also work with Agru (Austria) and Polytetra (Germany).

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