Leak Monitoring and Volumetric Measurement System for Stationary Tanks

sistema de monitoramento de vazamento e medicao volumetrica
For environmental compliance and leak monitoring in above or underground storage tanks, we have a full line of probes and sensors, including the magnetostrictive probe that accurately detects the beginning of leakage. probes and sensors are connected to a system controller (console), which can emit signals for automation and audible/visual alarms. information can also be sent via sms. our systems meet legal environmental requirements for fuel storage.

In conjunction with environmental monitoring, there is the option to perform volumetric measurement of tanks with very high precision (same as the radar principle) and temperature differential compensation. we use rigid probe technology for tanks up to 3 meters high and flexible probes for larger heights. with this feature, in addition to real-time inventory, the user can also configure high level signals (Overfill) to automate loading as well as low level signals to communicate with the supply system.

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