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Who We Are

We seek technologies and solutions to benefit our customers!

TSPRO is made up of a team of people who are dedicated to developing or seeking solutions that are already being utilised in other regions of the world. we meet the needs of our customers during the processing, storage and transfer of HAZARDOUS fluids such as chemicals, petrochemicals and fuels.

We are specialized in safe systems for: connections, handling, automation, loading and unloading of tanks, leak monitoring and volumetric measurement of tanks, movement and transfer of fluids and their gases/vapors.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with local regulations and international standards.

Our Competitive Advantage

- Dedicated and Objective Service - partnerships with companies who are world leaders in product know-how and technology.
- Provider of solutions that result in the best cost-benefit ratio - Integrity, transparency, knowledge, competence and agility.
- Respect for all stakeholders in the business relationship.

Funcionário Tspro


The name TSPRO Is the abbreviation for “Terminal Solution Provider”. the name is related to our first product developed in 2010 ,which was a vapor recovery plate used in terminals.

Since 2010 the company has specialized in developing other products related to the safe handling of dangerous fluids. we have established partnerships with world leaders in technology and know-how in the loading, control, measurement, transport and storage of industrial fluids. in 2015 we realigned our brand with the current vision of the company. we completely revised our visual identity focusing on the term Technology for Fluids which better reflects our purpose in serving customers and stakeholders in a more comprehensive way.


To objectively and productively meet the needs and expectations of our customers. to provide high-tech products and services that primarily focus on increasing performance and safety in the handling, transferring and transporting of chemical and fuel fluids.


To be an organization which is recognized for excellence in service to all who contribute to the perpetuation of the business: Our Customers, Employees, Suppliers, stakeholders and partners.


To take care of our customers, to have integrity in relationships, to value people and the work environment, to respect our partners, to comply with legal obligations, to contribute to a better planet and to contribute in building a fair and just society.

Quality Policy

“We are a company that provides solutions and technologies for fluid transfer. our quality policy is to meet the legal requirements, technical standards and the needs of our customers. we seek to satisfy the needs of employees, suppliers and partners through a quality management system which is continuously evolving”.


Anti-Corruption Policy and Guidelines

In order to reinforce tspro's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, ethics and governance in conducting our business, we have developed and practice the guidelines and policies described in the following annex:

Anti-Corruption Policy and Guidelines

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